Minimum Amount of Games

Money Line Parlay Mathematics   This is a lot easier than it seems. To figure out the reward on a cash line parlay you need to get the multiplying element for every money line. This element determined by separating the quantity of the cash line into the number 100. For instance, if the team you… Continue reading Minimum Amount of Games

What is a Round Robin?

What is a Round Robin?   A Round Robin is a bunch of parlays played together. Round Robins are a bit safer than playing a multiple-team parlay. An instance adheres to listed below. If you like, 3 groups on any offered evening you can play all 3 in level wagers Play a three-team parlay Play… Continue reading What is a Round Robin?

In Indiana

Thank you for visiting the raper commandery. We are a famous team in the U.S. for our makeup. The main activity in Indiana and other areas is also incidental.